Building an Inclusive Canada Through Indigenous Place Making


The Indigenous Place Making Council is a non-profit organization that restores Indigenous presence to our cities, towns and communities, through a process of place making that is led by Indigenous youth.

Our Vision

We seek to be a supportive voice for all Indigenous people within places and spaces, ensuring Indigenous peoples have an impact on the built environment.

Our Mission

IPMC advocates for Indigenous Place Making across all communities and facilitates a process that brings Indigenous peoples and youth together with place-making entities. For instance: municipalities, other government agencies, schools, colleges, universities, and cultural institutions to create places that reflect the 15+ millennia presence of Indigenous peoples in Canada while building understanding, social connections and new employment opportunities for Indigenous youth.

Our Objective

We strive to create places (buildings, landscapes, public spaces, public art, community plans and infrastructure) that reflects and celebrates Indigenous identity, world-views and values.

Our objective is to Indigenize Canadian cities, towns, and communities, particularly places of education, governance and public space to provide highly visible places were Indigenous and non-Indigenous people come together.

Approximately 60% of Indigenous peoples are living in urban cities – yet the physical evidence and recognition of our founding cultures is virtually invisible. We are addressing the extreme polarization and economic inequality that exists between Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities.

Our target is ALL Canadians – many of whom are unaware of our history and the positive legacy and future role of our Indigenous communities. The Indigenous Place Making Council seeks to create common places of social connection and inspiration that are the fabric of everyday life for everyone.