The re>Tkaronto is supported by Ontario 150 and the City of Toronto

The re>Tkaronto is supported by Ontario 150 and the City of Toronto

The re>Tkaronto Project will restore Indigenous presence to downtown Toronto in the Moss Park/Allen Gardens district through a process of place making guided by Indigenous youth and practitioners. The re>Tkaronto project aims to reduce the polarization that exists between Indigenous and non-Indigenous individuals by restoring space for education, culture and celebration. It also aims to strengthen relationships between the participant non-profit organizations, the City of Toronto, and Indigenous businesses and community.

The project is organized to engage Indigenous Youth and Elders to identify Indigenous placemaking opportunities in downtown Toronto determined in consultation with the City of Toronto. The project will result in a Vision Framework for this core area of Toronto. In addition, a
pilot project Indigenous Gathering Place will be identified and a concept design prepared.

During phase 1 of this project, IPMC will support a series of place-making workshops for an Indigenous youth cohort. In addition, school workshops will be held at an Indigenous grade school. The workshops will be supported with Indigenous Place Making Council mentors who are practitioners in the place-making professions (urban planning, landscape architecture, architecture, public art, engineering), who will work with youth participants to gather these visions and translate them it into an implementation package. 

By the end of 2017 the product of the re>Tkaronto process will be a District Plan Vision as well as a design for the   Indigenous Gathering Place pilot project identifying the location, technical design, and cost of an installation created through the visioning and engagement process. Subsequently in 2018, the re>Tkaronto team will work with the City to take the project forward to the next implementation steps including fund-raising for the construction of the project. A vision for the Moss Park/Allen Gardens District and an implementation package will be developed on an Indigenous Gathering Place in downtown Toronto close to existing Indigenous services. Youth empowerment, skills development, and internship opportunities through the visioning and design phases of the re>Tkaronto project will lead to new career and job options for Indigenous youth.

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  • Provide a vision for the Moss Park/Allen Gardens District in downtown Toronto as a hub of Indigenous culture, community services, businesses and incubation for entrepreneurship.
  • Create a pilot project to demonstrate how Indigenous Place Making can be a transformation agent of change in support of inclusiveness, reconciliation and as a sector of economic opportunity for Indigenous youth in Toronto.
  • Prepare a vision and implementation package for the creation of a central place or places for programming, learning, ceremony to be used by the Indigenous community and all citizens in proximity to local services.
  • Provide highly visible public gathering spaces that are landmarks and welcomes both non-Indigenous and Indigenous people.
  • Provide Indigenous youth with employment and internships related to hands-on opportunities to participate in the place-making process.
  • Provide skills development and training for Indigenous Youth in technologies related to cultural programming, architecture, landscape architecture, engineering and construction.
  • Create collaborative partnerships between aligned organizations working with Indigenous communities.