The Indigenous Place Making Council (IPMC) is building a network of place-making professionals – architects, engineers, artists, landscape architects, interior designers, contractors and fabricators across Canada who actively contribute to IPMC’s mission: Restoring Indigenous presence to the fabric of our communities through projects that provide direct economic opportunities for Indigenous youth.

IPMC network partners form a pool of professional organizations for institutions, governments, public and private sectors to draw on - knowing these projects tangibly address the recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

Our network members commit to a series of proactive initiatives that benefit Indigenous people and communities as well as the adoption of practices that promote the unique, collaborative nature of Indigenous place making.

Network members derive benefit through participation in projects that IPMC develops in association with levels of government, institutions and businesses. These projects may be specific to the network member’s region or across Canada.

IPMC provides support for a Network member’s efforts as advocates and can assist in developing initiatives and projects in their communities.

To become an IPMC Network member your organization will support Indigenous communities through the following activities:

1.     Provide employment for Indigenous practitioners/professionals
2.    Offer internships associated with Indigenous place making projects for Indigenous persons
3.     Support bursaries and scholarships for Indigenous students at training and educational institutions
4.     Act as advocates in their communities for Indigenous Place-Making
5.     Support other Indigenous businesses through progressive procurement policies
6.     Provide awareness training for staff offered by Indigenous knowledge keepers
7.     Practice meaningful engagement and consultation with Indigenous communities when undertaking projects
8.     Commit to culturally and regionally appropriate place-making practices.

The process for becoming a network member involves an application process. Not all of these activities must be achieved to join the Network at once – however requirements 1-3, to provide Indigenous employment, internships and support for education is a priority.

Indigenous-owned companies in the IPMC network should be members of the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business's (CCAB) Certified Aboriginal Business (CAB) program (for Indigenous owned businesses). Non-Indigenous owned companies of eight (8) or more employees should be registered in CCAB’s Progressive Aboriginal Relations (PAR) program with the objective of becoming certified within 4 years of joining PAR.

Please contact us at to request an application form.