our mission 

IPMC seeks to restore Indigenous presence to Canadian communities. We are nurturing the evolution of a new generation of Indigenous place-making practitioners able to shape the environment in a manner that creates inclusive, culturally appropriate, sustainable communities. 

IPMC is a Tides Canada Initiative governed by a Steering Committee - a majority of whom are Indigenous professionals. Both Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples and organizations dedicate their time and efforts to IPMC with the benefits of IPMC projects accruing to Indigenous communities.

We advocate for Indigenous place-making to be restored across all urban centres and communities through a facilitation process that brings Indigenous peoples and youth together with place-making entities: construction, engineering, architecture, landscape architecture, community planning and art. 


We seek to be a supportive voice for all Indigenous people within places and spaces, ensuring Indigenous peoples have an impact in shaping the built environment. 

Our Objective

IPMC works with Indigenous communities in both rural and urban settings to improve the quality and process of community design that reflects local talent, traditions and resources, while improving local capacities to define spatial design in a manner that supports traditional cultures and sustainable economic development.

We strive to create places (buildings, landscapes, public spaces, public art, community plans and infrastructure) that reflects and celebrates Indigenous identity, world-views and values. Projects are created through a co-design process with Indigenous communities that provides employment, internships, and training for Indigenous youth in the place-making professions. 

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