Our Approach

IPMC’s program of advocacy targets Indigenous communities, municipalities, federal and provincial departments, school boards, public sector agencies, universities, colleges, and a wide range of public and private institutions to engage them in Indigenous place-making opportunities. Our focus is to enable the restoration of Indigenous presence through projects that embody Indigenous culture, world-views and place-making traditions. The Indigenous place making approach builds capacity within communities to collectively learn, co-create, design and implement community spaces that are consistently monitored and evaluated for their accountability to the defined principles and outcomes of the strategy. 



In partnership with local Indigenous communities a co-design process is initiated that brings together IPMC staff, a youth cohort, and place making institutional partners. An iterative process of vision workshops facilitated by IPMC staff results in the identification of local place-making opportunities and priorities. Key projects are identified and are developed in concert with other Indigenous-led place making practitioners. Projects are taken to the level of a marketing/funding package that identifies the design and cost to build and operate the facility. This package enables partner institutions to seek approvals and funding for the project and to take it to the final stages of implementation. For each workshop IPMC will prepare an illustrated Workshop Summary that will be published on the IPMC website and distributed to the participating host community and participants. Where appropriate these workshops will be accompanied by press releases both before and after the event.

Place-making practitioners who undertake an IPMC project provide paid internships for Indigenous youth.  Similarly, the tendering process for construction of projects prioritizes the creation of Indigenous apprenticeship positions. 


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